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Westerly Restoration specializes in small to medium sized building envelope projects. As licensed contractors, we are your building envelope restoration and repair experts in Greater Vancouver, BC.

Building Envelope Services & Restoration:

Building Envelope Repair in Progress

A properly functioning building envelope is crucial to your buildings life span. We will evaluate and report our findings regarding to the condition of the exterior of your building. We can also provide recommendations, scope of work and potential costs associated with the necessary work.

For the restoration of your building, we perform every aspect of the necessary wall and deck repairs. This may include structural rot repairs, or minor repairs associated with water ingress damage.

Aspects of Building Envelope:

  • Rainscreen and Face-seal Wall Systems
  • Cladding
  • Flashing
  • Caulkings
  • Self-Adhesive Membranes
  • Proper Window and Door Detailing

A Building Envelope Assessment can quickly diagnose any current or potential problems with your building. Regular Maintenance and assessments can ensure a properly functioning and long lasting Building Envelope for your Vancouver building.

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