5 Reasons to Consider Restoring Your Deck in Surrey

November 30th, 2021 | in General Info
5 Reasons to Consider Restoring Your Deck in Surrey

Outdoor decks are some of the most attractive additions to any home. Done right they provide a fun and relaxing place for your family to gather when the weather turns warm.

Because decks are outside, they are constantly exposed to all of the elements. They take everything thrown at them, but over time can deteriorate badly. After even a few years, without caring for them, decks can become very uninviting.

Here are 5 reasons to consider restoring your deck in Surrey:

  • Most decks are made of wood. If the wood is untreated cedar, redwood, or other wood, then the risk of rot is very real. Because moisture gets into the wood, it will, over time, need repairing.
  • There may be areas of your deck which lean or seem unstable. Deck restoration can take care of all these problems, even adding on to the present structure.
  • If your deck is causing water problems around your house and property, it can be re-sloped to offer you the best options for runoff and drainage.
  • Restoring your deck means new color and stain options for you. If you're tired of the look you have out there now, there are a range of products available for your deck restoration.
  • Your deck is often the most neglected area of your home. You know what I'm talking about; decks all overgrown with shrubs, railings hanging off, looking black due to sun and age; definitely a blight to your home's value.

A deck repair by Westerly Restoration Ltd. is a worry-free investment for you. With our expertise and quality products, we will have your deck looking like brand new.

Don't forget our deck restorations include re-sloping, flashing and membrane application.

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