5 Signs You Need A New Deck

January 22nd, 2016 | in Deck Repair
  1. Your posts are rotting.
    This is a huge safety concern because rot usually occurs where the posts meet the ground and this could cause the support to collapse unexpectedly. Rotting ledger boards can also mean that your deck is not securely attached to the home.
  2. The handrails wobble or shake.
    This could be caused from a number of reasons: rot, rusted nails, bad weather over time, or pressure put on them over time. If the handrails aren’t sturdy, that’s a clear sign you need to do some renovations. You can attempt a quick fix by adding in new nails but this will not last long term.
  3. The deck boards move out of place.
    Over time, the boards on the deck will become lose due to weathering and pressure put on them. Even though certain boards may seem to only slightly move, if they are not stable they can flip up if stepped on, which can be dangerous.
  4. The deck boards are splitting or cracking.
    If the deck boards are visibly splitting or cracking then do not allow anyone to walk on the deck. This is a sign that your deck is past its salvage point and should be completely renovated.
  5. It looks worn out.
    Weather conditions will eventually take a toll on your deck. If it looks old and worn out then it’s probably time for a new one. Especially if you are planning on selling your home, a worn out deck will decrease your home’s value.

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