Building and Deck Rot Repair

Building and Deck Rot RepairsLiving in Vancouver, it's easy to understand why building and deck rot are a concern. If your home or deck is built of wood, there's the chance that it will succumb to the wet weather in British Columbia. But the good news is that if you stay on top of it, the repairs you need to make will be minor and inexpensive. Only when you completely ignore a problem or don't take the time to check your building for rot does it turn into a more serious, and expensive, problem.

Spring Cleaning? Spring Rot Check!

Spring is a good time to have a look around and see if anything needs rot repair. The most common areas on a building are around windows and doors. Anywhere that water might get in can be a potential problem area. It doesn't take much water to cause mould and mildew and left untreated, eventually the wood will begin to degrade.

Deck rot is a particularly dangerous problem, especially if your deck is high up off the ground. A rotting board can quickly become a hazard if it's not attended to. Deck rot in Vancouver is relatively common, especially during winters when things freeze and thaw often. Wet is a problem, but when the water freezes, it causes the wood to expand. Any small crack can turn into a big problem and the wood will degrade rapidly.

Don't Wait, Catch Rot Early

With our wet climate here in Vancouver, it's important to do rot checks on your deck and buildings. If you do find signs of rot, be sure to take action immediately. Your best bet is to hire a professional who can ensure your rot problem is completely resolved. Waiting until it's a bigger problem will add cost and time to the repair job.

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