Building Envelope Restoration Services in Vancouver

May 31st, 2013 | in Building Envelopes

Heritage Building EnvelopeHere in Vancouver, we can depend on one thing every year: the weather will be pretty wet. With an especially wet climate, our Vancouver homes and office buildings are under almost constant threat. Ensuring that your building envelope is secure and protecting the structural integrity and your belongings from water damage is critical. If you think you might need restoration work on a building in Vancouver, its well worth your while to call an envelope restoration expert for an assessment.

What is a Building Envelope?

Simply put, the building envelope refers to the outer shell of a building, including the roof, outer walls, windows and foundation; together these form the protective barrier between you and the elements. It also plays an important role in ensuring you're not losing heat and efficiency when it's cold out in Vancouver, which is not uncommon.

What is Involved in Building Envelope Restoration Jobs?

Air and water are the main concerns when a building envelope is assessed, and the structure, insulation, ventilation, and drainage around the building are all taken into account. The good news is that experienced building envelope restoration contractors will do an assessment for free, to determine what kind of work needs to be done. You may simply need caulking around windows or improved or replaced flashing around drainage pipes. Or you may want to invest in self-adhesive membranes that can seal the areas where the building is at risk.

Finding the Right Building Envelope Contractor

It is important to find the right Vancouver building envelope contractor to assess your building envelope and give you a good idea of what you might need. The right contractor will do a free assessment and give you an honest overview of any risks. And of course, look for someone local who knows what the Vancouver weather can do to a building.

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