Can Deck Remediation Save Me From Rebuilding My Deck From the Ground Up?

November 4th, 2019 | in Deck Repair
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If you’re wondering whether deck remediation can save you from rebuilding your deck from the ground up, the short answer is maybe.

There is no one answer to this because every deck is different.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Does it meet building codes?

According to the British Columbia government, a building or structure has to meet the code requirements that are in force when the building is being built. Over time the building codes change, but you don’t have to keep changing the building or structure to meet updated codes.

The exception to this is if you are repairing or changing something. Once you start to remediate something, whatever you’re changing or fixing has to meet current code requirements. So, if you have to repair something that doesn’t meet code, you may have to replace everything that isn’t up to code.

2. What needs repair?

Decks typically have three components: the part anchored into the ground (footings), the base structure that holds up everything but you don’t necessarily see, and the decking on top that you do see. If your deck problem is just with the decking, then it’s likely you can change the decking and leave everything else alone.

If some of the supporting structure needs remediation, and if that supporting structure meets current code requirements, then that repair of the supporting structure could be a pretty straightforward fix. However, if the supporting structure needs remediation and is doesn’t meet current building code requirements, then you may be in for a much bigger job.

3. Are you sure you want to keep the old deck.

Once you’re starting to do some remediation of a deck, that is good time to fix or change anything you don’t like. The point is that you may want to take that opportunity to rebuild the deck.

If a lot of the deck needs repair, there may not be much cost savings compared to redoing the whole thing—and getting exactly what you want. This is the kind of job that requires a careful assessment by your builder of what you have, what needs work, and what you want before deciding how best to handle it.

We’re experts on this type of work, so feel free to talk to us about your deck work required. We’d be happy to give you a free estimate.

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