Can PMMA Membranes Be Used in British Columbia?

June 23rd, 2022 | in Building Envelopes
Can PMMA Membranes Be Used in British Columbia?

PMMA membranesWhether you have a new building or are refurbishing an older structure, there are new products and systems available that can be used to refurbish and waterproof existing structures.

One of these materials and products is PMMA membranes.

PMMA is an excellent solution used as a liquid in a waterproofing membrane on flat roofs with limited gutters and access, where swiftness of application is a crucial advantage.

Polymethyl-methacrylate (PMMA) is a great liquid used for foundation walls, balconies, concrete parkade slabs, garden rooftops, and decks.

This substance comprises a quick-curing PMMA acrylic resin, that can be mixed with polyester fleece. The liquid can be used for oddly shaped places because it can be applied on top of various existing roof membranes.

PMMA membranes are resistant to numerous alkalis and acids, hence they can be used in any place. They were designed to be used in very harsh conditions.

According to the research done by different contractors, it shows that PMMA membranes can be used in British Columbia because of its ability to cure quickly. This way it may be applied in cold temperatures. In fact, PMMA can be applied when the temperature is below freezing, down to -5.0 degrees C.

Polymethyl-methacrylate (PMMA) systems can be used with different substrates.

With expert application of this technology, it is essential to ensure the right support is in place. PMMA is the appropriate swift-curing addition over concrete and is highly durable.

It is a great idea for bridge decks as it is appropriate for cold and harsh climates, impermeable to moisture, and resistant to any chemical attack. It is flexible and doesn’t crack when used on unstable surfaces like bridges.

We are experts on PMMA membranes and can help you to restore your aging structure.

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