Can Resloping Help my Deck Last Longer?

June 9th, 2022 | in Deck Repair
Can Resloping Help my Deck Last Longer?

If you have recently built a deck, or even undergone deck restoration on an old build, you are probably enjoying the hours of use and fun that it allows for you to have in the hot, summer weather. A deck is a major investment, so making sure you keep your deck in good working order should be a high priority. There are a number of ways to avoid deck rot, and one less-known option that can help is resloping.

What is Deck Rot?

First, what is deck rot? Most decks are constructed with wood products. As the wood ages, it may begin to decay and show signs of rot. This can make wood spongy and discoloured, as well as make it lose its strength and integrity. Rotting of wood is sped up when water is allowed to pool or sit on the surface of it.

What is Deck Sloping?

When most decks are constructed, they should be built with a very gradual incline, or slope. This pitch is not really detectable with normal deck use, as it tends to only be roughyl ¼” per 12’ of length. This slope prevents any water from pooling and sitting, as it is enough to have it run off. If a deck has small gaps between adjacent boards, sloping may not be required, but any deck with a solid surface and no gaps must have sloping.

Why do we need Resloping?

As a deck ages, the footings and/or structural posts may slightly shift or settle. Even with proper maintenance this is a natural occurrence. There may not be much settling, but remember that the slope of a deck is very minor, so any small amount of settling may cause a deck to lose the sloping that it was built with. This means that water will now be allowed to pool on the deck, leading to deck rot.

If you require deck repair, make sure you choose a knowledgeable deck contractor, such as those at Westerly Restoration. They will be able to assess your deck, and determine if resloping, or any other deck repair options will be right to keep your deck safe and functioning for years to come.

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