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At Westerly Restoration, we have spent decades serving buildings strata council buildings, commercial and retail buildings (including restaurants), and residential homes in Surrey and their surrounding communities with the best contracting and building envelope services.

From the building envelopes of small businesses to those of large, residential high rises, we have the experience and knowledge to efficiently undertake any type of water damage restoration, including building envelope failure repairs and water ingress. We specialize in applying high quality membranes and coatings as well as window installations, custom flashing, and resloping, when decks need to be restored or repaired.

Under this General Info header we group articles that do not fall under the other categories or that span a few of them. We hope you enjoy them

What defines a sustainable building? These buildings need to reduce the number of resources consumed and produce natural energy. Find out more.
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What does the "R-Value" of a window represent? This value is often unseen but has a major effect on the building's long-term energy efficiency.
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How Long Will PMMA Membranes Last in Surrey?
February 25th, 2023 | in General Info
When renovating an older structure in Surrey, we are often asked if we suggest using a PMMA membrane for waterproofing. Read more here.
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