Damp Proofing a Building Envelope in Surrey

June 9th, 2022 | in Building Envelopes
Damp Proofing a Building Envelope in Calgary

A building envelope performs an important task of protecting a building from water and other external factors. When a building enevelop fails to operate properly, moisture is able to intrude and cause damage through rot, decay and corrosion. Moisture can also cause mold, fungus and other bacteria to grow, which can cause damage and harm occupants.

As you can see, a properly functioning building envelop is an essential part of a Surrey building. iI yours is damaged you may be looking for building enevelop repairs in Surrey.

When a building enevelop is damage, repairs will include damp proofing it to help with future moisture control. There are many components a repair company will look at such as:

- Exterior Siding - they will ensure the siding is sealed and free from damage that may allow water to make its way in.

-Vapor Barriers - these should be present on all exterior walls to prevent moisture from entering. If there are rips or damage these should be fixed or replaced.

Insulation - missing or damaged insulation should be replaced. Special types of insulation that further prevent moisture buildup can be installed in place of regular insulation.

These parts of the exterior wall building envelop should all be functioning properly to help with damp proofing a Surrey home. In addition, the roof should be inspected that the shingles are in good shape, and haven’t been damaged by wind or other environmental factors. Gutters should be clean and in good shape, leading water to the downspouts and into the drain rock. No water should be pooling or running around the foundation and building exterior.

A building envelop is a system of many parts that must function together to work effectively. If your building in Surrey requires repair, make sure you take the proper steps to damp proof your building envelop, and keep your structure strong reliable for years to come.

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