Detecting Hidden Rot in a Building Envelope

July 21st, 2023 | in Rot Repair
Detecting Hidden Rot in a Building Envelope

Hidden rot in a building envelope is very serious. The building envelope itself is what insulates the interior keeping it warm or cool as needed. The envelope also keeps out rain and snow and regulates air exchange and moisture levels between inside and outside. So, if there is rot somewhere, this can adversely affect the interior air quality and the envelope may fail to do its job keeping water out.

There are several different ways to detect hidden rot in a building envelope which we will discuss below in today’s blog article.


Well, there are first the obvious indicators that you can see. For example, stained ceilings—especially corners—or walls, inside or outside are a good indicator that there may be a problem inside the walls.

A roof in poor repair, or missing tiles, or overgrown with moss is another indicator of potential problems under the roof.

Less Obvious

Less obvious indicators would be water pooling where it should not. Where is that water coming from? Is it coming down inside the walls? Is it coming from inside or outside? These are the important questions to ask and to look into.

Are you seeing moisture or ice inside your exterior door? Is there any wetness or mushy/flaky drywall around windows?

Where There Are No Indicators

If there are no indicators, obvious or otherwise, then experts can use moisture meters to detect moisture behind walls and even inside concrete. There are different types of meters, but they are very efficient at detecting what is going on behind a closed wall.

Experts can figure out if you have hidden rot in your building envelope and can then counsel you on the most efficient way to repair it. Many people do not think a lot about the building envelope, but the envelope regulates the air and water exchange inside and out. And you are safer when the envelope works properly. Also, rot that is left unattended only gets worse with time. 


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