Do PMMA Membranes Work Well in Vancouver?

May 3rd, 2021 | in Building Envelopes, General Info

One great technology which has been embraced nowadays is the use of PMMA, which provides one of the quickest roofing solutions in the market. PMMA stands for polymethyl-methacrylate. This product can cure in thirty to forty minutes. PMMA membranes are a powerful solution that can be applied to flat roofs with limited gutters and access.

PMMA is a highly flexible material, rapid curing, and solvent-free material. It provides corrosion protection, and long-term, durable benefits. PMMA membranes are applied as a liquid and can be reinforced with a polyester fabric, and then they cure. They are ideal for foundation walls, balconies, concrete park slabs, garden rooftops, and decks.

Since PMMA is installed as a liquid, it can be applied on top of existing roof membranes. PMMA can be added just as a waterproofing membrane and then beautified with a finishing product if needed.

PMMA membranes are hydrophobic. This means that PMMA cannot interact with water. This is a great feature for surfaces that are continuously exposed to water or moisture. PMMA membranes are resistant to a wide variety of alkalis and acids, meaning that they can withstand what nature throws at them.

PMMA membranes work well in Vancouver and other towns in Canada. The Pacific Northwest is known for rainy weather, so PMMA is a great solution for that climate. PMMA systems work well with all substrates.

It is crucial to ensure that the right professionals install the PMMA membranes in Vancouver to avoid any mechanical damage in future. PMMA membranes will work well in Vancouver and elsewhere provided it is installed correctly by the right specialists.

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