Don't Let Water Ruin Your Condo Complex

July 22nd, 2013 | in Building Envelopes

Vancouver Condo ComplexThe signs of a water leak in your condo units may be subtle at first, and the prospect of hiring a contractor to fix the leak feels like such a big deal. For these reasons, a lot of properties let a problem go, either ignoring it unconsciously or consciously, in the hopes that it's not as bad as it seems. This kind of delay can do unbelievable amounts of damage. In fact, the sooner you act in addressing a condo leak, the less damage will be done and the cheaper the overall repair will be. Don't wait; hire a contractor who is experienced in leaky condo repairs before it's too late.

Water Ingress Issues

The vast majority of the time, water damage is caused because there is one small area where the water can come inside a building. The entire building has what is called a building envelope, and that includes all of the areas which keep water out, from the roof to windows and walls, and even the foundation. Anywhere in the building envelope that the elements are not sealed out correctly can be a point of ingress for moisture. The signs of water damage include buckling or warped walls and ceilings, discoloration and water marks, or cracking and peeling paint or wallpaper.

If you think you might have a water ingress issue in your condo complex, have a contractor out to review the security of the building envelope. This is a common type of assessment, especially in places where the weather is often wet. Contractors can have a look at the damage, and let you know if you need to deal with rot and mold due to a leak.

The best thing you can do today is get someone started on the job of fixing your leaky condo. It may feel like a big deal, but the longer you leave it, the worse it'll get.

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