Enjoying the White Christmas in a Warm Home

November 28th, 2018 | in General Info
Enjoying the White Christmas in a Warm Home

This time of year brings forward warm feelings of fireplaces and staring out the window at snowy streets… but it’s important to plan ahead to be sure the cold stays outside of your home, so you can enjoy the scene without feeling it’s icy grips.

A little preventative home maintenance can be sure that your home stays warm and comfortable, even in the throws of winter. Follow these tips to keep the cold out, and the warm in this winter.

Stay ahead of outdoor winter maintenance: remove debris from the gutter systems around your home, check your attic insulation, and make any necessary repairs before the winter weather sets in. Once snow starts falling, be sure to clear it from the roof and around your home as quickly as possible.

Prep your fireplace ahead of time: be sure to have your furnace or fireplace cleaned and certified at least once per year, preferably before the winter weather sets in. Chimneys should be checked for blockages to be sure there is no risk for a house fire.

Avoid frozen pipes: before the ground starts to freeze, make sure you are not at risk of having your home’s pipes freeze too. Be sure that your pipes are properly insulated, disconnect hoses from outside faucets, and keep the house heat to at least 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

Stop cold air from entering the home: plan ahead to make sure cold air will stay outside, where it belongs. If you have noticed any drafts coming in through windows or doors, take the time to check and repair the caulking. Double check that the weatherstripping is functional, and seal any cracks in foundation walls before the winter weather hits.

Be sure that the cold weather stays outside, and your house stays nice and warm with these tips for winter preparation. Spend your winter nice and warm inside your home where you can enjoy the winter setting without freezing to your bones!

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