Envelope Restoration in Heritage Buildings

June 9th, 2022 | in Building Envelopes
Envelope Restoration in Heritage Buildings

There are a number of beautiful and historical heritage buildings all over British Columbia. Heritage buildings carry with them unique design and special history, and preserving that history is of utmost importance. However, BC rain, snow and weather systems can really take their toll on older buildings, especially those that were not built with today’s codes and standards. Building envelope restoration in heritage buildings takes a high degree of know-how and expertise to ensure the history of the building remains intact.

Heritage Building Restoration

To remain a heritage building, the exterior of a building must remain unaltered. This is a tricky proposition considering that proper heritage building restoration must include repair and updating of the building envelope. This means that envelope restoration must go from the interior to the exterior, with minimal impact on the original exterior. Imagine fixing leaking siding without touching the siding itself.

One of the more difficult parts of envelope restoration in heritage buildings is understanding the root cause of why this building envelope is leaking, and how to go about fixing it with as little new material and alteration as possible. In regular buildings, repair can be done by removing damaged and leaking portions, and replacing these with new materials. However, for heritage buildings, knowledgeable engineers and builders are often required to assess the issues, and develop a plan with minimal destruction to the exterior of the building.

When it comes to restoring heritage buildings, no two projects are alike. This makes heritage building envelope restoration both an exciting, and challenging endeavour. Fortunately, the experts at Westerly Restoration are ready for any challenge.

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