How Do Building Envelopes Affect Air Quality?

June 23rd, 2022 | in Building Envelopes
How Do Building Envelopes Affect Air Quality?

Regulating air movement is the key characteristic of a building envelope. The building envelope should be bringing fresh air into the building at a pre-defined rate. If no fresh air comes in, then oxygen levels inside will drop over time, and VOC's from internal structures, finishes, or furnishings will pollute the air.

So, for the health of the individuals inside the building, the building envelope needs to let inside air out and let outside air in. This is only one of several jobs of the building envelope, but this is the most important job for the health of those inside the building.

A building envelope is described as the partition of the exterior and interior of a building. It assists in facilitating climate control and regulates the indoor environment.

A building envelope includes siding, doors, floors, windows, foundation, roof, and all the elements such as insulation and structural masonry.

Building envelopes have numerous benefits which include regulating air quality in a building and reducing stress, tear, and wear on mechanical structures. The building envelope in commercial and residential structures plays a significant role in determining levels of ventilation, natural lighting, and comfort.

Exterior walls are the main components of the building envelope. It is a barrier between the exterior and the interior environments which needs to have features that lessen the energy losses.

Building envelopes help to reduce the amount of cooling needed in specific climates. The building envelope plays a critical role because it can reduce the total energy used to cool and warm the buildings, which can have a dramatic effect on fixed energy costs.

A building envelope has 3 key functions. These include the following:


A building envelope controls the exchange of air, water, heat, and condensation between the exterior and the interior of commercial and residential structures.


It ensures rigidity and strength, offering structural support against external and internal forces and loads.


A building envelope is designed in a building for aesthetic requirements. However, the aesthetic appeal may be important, but the proper installation of the building envelope is more important. In this case function should trump fashion.

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