How do I find the right building envelope services provider in Surrey?

February 27th, 2018 | in Building Envelopes
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The envelope of a building is the combination of systems within the building that work together to protect the building from external factors, while maintaining the desired internal conditions. Major components of the building envelope include the roof, cladding, windows, and doors. If one of these components fails, then there is a risk of heat loss or water damage to the structure.

Each component of the envelope ties in with each other component to function as one singular, functional system.


When looking for a company to repair or build your building’s envelope, find someone who will first do a thorough review of the structure. A specialist will review and assess each component of the envelope, as well as determine the envelope as a whole. Additionally, they can investigate and test any areas with suspected issues. Issues requiring immediate attention can be waterproofed temporarily before restorations can be made.


Once you have selected an appropriate provider to service your building envelope, special considerations should be outlined for residents. Some larger scale projects can potentially span several months from start to finish ‐ it is important to pick a provider who will outline the timeframe and stick to it as best as possible.

A provider who focuses on communication will help the project to progress quickly and without any holdups. Good communication is also key to keeping residents happy and informed during the progress of the project. Occasionally, building envelope repairs can uncover additional hidden structure damage ‐ a good provider should immediately notify management to discuss the new requirements for the project.

When looking for a provider for building envelope services, trust in a provider who is great at communication and sticks to a consistent plan and timeline.


hiring a contractor in AlbertaHiring a contractor who is fully insured is important for a number of reasons. There are two types of insurance that should be met by your contractor: liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance. Liability insurance covers situations in which a contractor causes accidental damage to your property, whereas workers’ compensation insurance provides payment to injured workers for lost wages and medical services if they are to be hurt while on the job.

Contractor’s insurance will ensure that a contractor can pay for lawyer fees and damages if they are sued over their work. Additionally, it means that someone who hires a contractor does not end up paying if the contractor is sued ‐ in an event where a contractor who does not have insurance is sued, the person who hired them and is considered their employer can be held responsible for any wrongdoings or accidents they cause.

Contracting work is inherently dangerous. In the event that someone is injured on the job site, contractor’s insurance will cover the medical and work-loss costs that may be involved. If there is no insurance in place, the employer of the contractor may be sued for these losses.

Worksafe highly encourages anyone hiring a contractor to request clearance letters from any company that they hire. This gives proved documentation that the contractor has their own coverage, and will help to clear you from any responsibility if an issue does occur. If you do not receive a clearance letter from a contractor, and it turns out that the contractor has not paid their workers’ compensation premiums, you may become liable for paying those premiums.

For a number of reasons, it is important to ensure that any contractor you hire has their own contractors’ insurance and workers’ compensation insurance. This will keep you in the clear from any added and unexpected expenses in the event of a mishap with the project.

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