How Long Will PMMA Membranes Last in Surrey?

February 25th, 2023 | in General Info
How Long Will PMMA Membranes Last in Surrey?

When renovating an older structure in Surrey, we are often asked if we suggest using a PMMA membrane for waterproofing. The reason being, when used as a liquid, PMMA membranes are usually an excellent solution for waterproofing a structure.

We believe that PMMA liquid membranes are incredibly effective in this city. Our team of experts thinks it might just be a necessity for some buildings.


Polymethyl-methacrylate has specifically been formulated for use in harsh circumstances. Because the weather in Surrey often falls below -5 degrees Celsius for long stretches of the year, PMMA is a perfect fit. It is simple to work with and has an easy-to-apply and easy-to-dry property.

Whether it is steel, wood, or concrete, there are few limits to the types of materials that can benefit from PMMA. Because of the hydrophobic membrane created by cured PMMA, moisture will not be collected and damage to the material is avoided.

As a result, PMMA is also helpful in waterproofing unstable structures. Bridges are often exposed to harsh aspects of nature and a liquid PMMA can ensure the foundation is built to last. Also, because the liquid cures quickly, it is one of the best solutions for an instant waterproofing job for structures built or renovated in the fall and winter.

But the benefits do not stop with the ease of application and waterproofing. PMMA is also an incredibly resilient material. It can withstand all manner of climates and will stay effective when used for a variety of structural pieces.

PMMA is also appropriate in the warmer months of Surrey. So long as the material is not applied in the heat of the day, specifically to avoid direct sunlight, PMMA can be safely used in a diversity of warm weather conditions. After it is cured, PMMA is UV resistant, adding to its long-lasting nature. Decks and rooftops, which also may expand and contract with changing weather conditions, will also benefit from this protection.

While it is hard to give an exact estimate on how long it will last (variables include sunlight exposure, size of the project, damage, etc.), most PMMA membranes will provide at least 25 years of dependable coverage.

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