How to Choose a Restoration Company for Your Leaky Condo

November 30th, 2014 | in Building Envelopes

restoration of leaky condoWater leaks in any home are a sign of a problem you probably don't want to acknowledge. It's scary knowing that there may be hidden damage and that every day that you wait could spell more problems. But you won't know what the damage is until you contact a plumber to come and fix whatever is leaking. After that, you'll start to assess the structural and aesthetic damage. A restoration company can ensure that your condo is returned to its previous state and all signs of the leak have been removed.

Covered by Insurance

The first thing to check is whether or not a condo restoration company will be covered by your insurance. Not all restoration services will be familiar with the specific rules of insurance claims and budgetary limits. Your restoration company should be comfortable working with the insurance company or with your requirements based on an insurance assessment.

Ready and Waiting

You don't want to wait a long time before getting back into your home, so make sure the company you choose is going to be available to start work immediately. If you have to schedule someone to come look at the damage for next week, that's already too long to wait. Plenty of restoration companies can come out and see what's required that day. Work can start almost immediately.

A Great Track Record

And finally, the restoration company you choose should specialize in not only condo restoration, but specifically in restorations after water damage. They should be able to show you previous work and you should be able to find positive reviews of their services. Experience, readiness, and the knowledge to be an advocate for what you need and want - these are the things that a great water damage restoration company will offer you in this time of problems and stress.

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