How to Choose a Vancouver Building Envelope Restoration Contractor

September 21st, 2013 | in Building Envelopes

Vancouver Building Envelope Restoration ContractorEven the smallest point of entry for water can cause major damage in a home or commercial building. Moisture is one of the biggest reasons that homes need to be restored and moisture gets in when the building envelope isn't well cared for. This can be especially troublesome in Vancouver's wet environment.

The building envelope is a single term that describes all the outermost components of a home that keep the elements outside. Windows, doors, eaves and flashings, the walls, roof, and foundation are all part of a building's envelope. Short term damage from water can be fixed, but in the long term the real restoration needs to happen to the building envelope.

Not all contractors make it a priority to focus on the building envelope as a whole. There are always specialists who know how to seal around windows and doors, there are roofing experts and restoration experts who remove damaged walls and replace them with new ones. But to prevent future problems you need a specialist who restores building envelopes in their entirety.


One of the best indicators of whether or not a building envelope restoration contractor will be thorough is their experience. How long have they been in business? Where do they operate? Do they understand the unique challenges of your area? How long as the focus been on building envelopes rather than other construction specialties?

WCB Certified

Certification matters. Look for the WCB certification before hiring.

Inclusive Work Process

What you want from your building envelope restoration contractor is a clear process from the evaluation of your building to the completion of restoration. What that means is you should feel like you're always included and know just what is needed and why.
Partner with a building envelope restoration contractor who has the experience behind them to know how important it is to treat the job as a partnership. You'll know you've found the right contractor when they make you feel confident and engaged.

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