How to Know Whether to Rebuild or Repair a Deck?

July 31st, 2021 | in Deck Repair
How to Know Whether to Rebuild or Repair a Deck

Deciding whether to repair or rebuild a deck may not be immediately obvious. It may be a good idea to ask a professional to assess the situation, especially if the deck is several meters above ground and is in a commercial space.

However, here are some tips to help you decide if you need repair or a replacement.

Does the deck have the shape and size you want?

If you need your deck to be a different size or shape, then you will likely have to rebuild it. Supporting structures like joists are designed for a specific shape and size of deck, so if you want a larger deck, then you will likely need a new supporting structure.

How is the decking?

The top layer or the decking will not be the deciding factor, but it is something to consider. Are your decking boards warped? Cracked? Split? Soft? Are you missing fasteners? If the top layer is very damaged, at the very least, the decking should be replaced.

How is the supporting structure?

This is the important part. If your supporting structure--the joists or weight-bearing posts--is damaged, then you likely need a new deck. The posts and support structure carry all the weight of the deck, and these need to be in excellent condition for your deck to be safe.

If posts and joists are soft, split, or missing, then you likely need a new deck. Also, bear in mind that a deck built 40 years ago likely does not meet code requirements today. If you are facing deck problems on a commercial building in the Vancouver area and puzzled by how to approach it, call us at (778) 881-2877 and let us help you. This is part of our business.

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