How to Tell If Your Building Needs Rot Repair

May 30th, 2020 | in Building Envelopes, General Info
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There are several ways to find indicators about whether your building needs rot repair. We're going to list a few of them in our blog today.

Water damage

The first big indication is signs of water damage. These signs can include things like stained walls or ceilings and obvious water dripping or pooling anywhere.

Signs can also be more subtle like a musty odor that never improves. Or you may see something very obvious like mold on walls or ceilings.

Unstable floors

Something else to look for is unstable floors. Are floors out of level? Are floors soft in places?

Often you may see small indications of problems that are hiding bigger problems behind walls or under floors. A small stain on a wall could mean a large area of mold and rotten studs behind the wall.

Spongy decking boards can be hiding a completely rotten deck structure. A window that leaks water could be hiding a wall of rotten studs.


Are there places in your building where you feel a draft? A draft can mean a lot of things, but it first means that air is flowing where it shouldn't be. There should be good air exchange in a building, but it shouldn't be felt as a draft.

So, if you see something small, often it's a good idea to explore further to see the full extent of the problem. If you're not sure whether your building has rot, you can always contact us. Fixing these types of problems is our business.

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