Is your building prepared for the winter and snowfall warnings?

December 20th, 2022 | in Building Envelopes
Prepare buildings for winter

Identify and tracking facility maintenance problems can be a complex task ‐ especially if there are multiple buildings on site. Your winter facility prep checklist may require some thought and organization, even more so if your buildings vary in style of construction or architecture. Safety for your occupants in crucial, especially in the winter months when there is more strain on all aspects of a building. To prepare your building for winter, we have created the following list of considerations.


Roof care is critical when it comes to winter weather, and may require continual maintenance ‐ especially if the roof is flat. Be sure to identify areas where ice or heavy snow may pile up in wintertime, and consider forming a snow and ice removal plan. Inspect the roof each week leading up to and during the winter season ‐ remove debris and check seals. Keep all roof drains clear.


Without proper gutter maintenance, flooding inside and outside of the building is likely. Clean gutters thoroughly before winter hits, check the outflow of downspouts to push water away from the building foundation.


Water seepage that reaches the interior walls can be absorbed and lead to mildew or mold within the home that may lessen air quality. It is vital to ensure adequate ventilation and completely drying any areas that have been impacted by moisture collection or seepage.

Snow & Ice Removal

When snow accumulates, it can lead to major maintenance problems especially if it impacts roof structures, or drifts where it can block entrances or cause ice to form on sidewalks. When the weather changes, it is important to keep ahead of freezing and thawing cycles to avoid dangerous areas of black ice or snow. When the winter months hit, it is important to stay ahead of the weather to keep your buildings safe and well maintained.

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