Keeping Out The Cold - Drafty Windows And Envelope Cracks

December 31st, 2021 | in Building Envelopes

Brr! Outside weather should not be on the inside of your home. If you are dealing with drafty windows and envelope cracks, you are likely feeling the chill indoors, posing a problem for your health and for the durability of your home. This winter, do not settle for a drafty house - find the source of your problems and set up a repair.

It is easy for a draft to come indoors when your house is in disrepair. Even small cracks in the building envelope can pose a huge problem. Drafty windows are much the same; small gaps between the window and the exterior of your home let in a surprising amount of cold.

How can you fix these problems? Talk to your local building repair expert Westerly Restoration, we can come in and inspect your home for any issues. You may be surprised to know just how little a crack or gap can be and still create issues - at Westerly Restoration, we are experienced in seeking out all the tiny places where your home is not air tight, even in places you might have missed during your own search for why your home is so drafty.

Our repair crew can come in and seal any of the drafty areas of your home, ensuring that you are no longer cold. As an added bonus, sealing drafty windows and envelope cracks should also save you money on your energy bill as you will no longer be sending heat outside while letting the cold in.

It is important to have these problem areas properly sealed by a qualified contractor, as you will want to be sure that it is done properly. If not, the problem could reoccur and you will have to spend more money to fix it correctly.

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