New Window Installation for Thermal Efficiency

February 23rd, 2022 | in Building Envelopes
New Window Installation

Installing new windows on any kind of building is a first step in conserving energy. But to take full advantage of this measure it needs to be implemented by professionals that consider a wide array of factors regarding the requirements and procedures inherent to every distinct circumstance.

It is also a job that demands thought for the wider implications for the rest of the building, including the integrity of your building envelope.

Beyond stopping air leakage and preventing heat loss, proper installation of energy efficient windows should help diminish the impact that environmental factors such as rain, ice or snow have in your home.

Proper installation procedures integrate measures for keeping your building envelope intact through the process - and indeed restoring and improving it where necessary by incorporating features such as custom head and sill flashings, rain screens, and trims among others.

In Surrey, BC, Westerly Restoration offers an expert solution to these issues, providing comprehensive window installation and building envelope services. These services include the installation of rain screens and metal flashings in head and sill, including a windowsill pan that is instrumental in preventing water penetration and its consequent effects in the wall structure.

Installing Energy efficient windows does help to shrink heating and cooling bills, but it also has other, less direct ways to save money and enhance the quality of life within a building. For instance, good quality, properly installed energy efficient windows will help smooth the peaks of heat and cool, which in turn help reduce the work necessary to maintain the ambient temperature. This smaller work load means smaller equipment can do the same job.

With a single pane window, the cold surface of the glass in the inside contributes to the formation of drafts within the room during the winter. In the summertime the single pane allows too much heat to pass through and the room overheats. New energy efficient windows alleviate both of these problems. They also deal better with condensation and allow more daylight to get in.

Where needed, a good new window will also filter damaging UV rays and other radiation, reducing the fading process in carpets, upholstery, books, photos, paints, and wood. Westerly Restoration performs all work to engineered building envelope specifications. All installed windows have a high R value - no matter the model or material. Westerly Restoration has an ethic of attention to detail that is unequalled. Their high standards of excellence extend beyond functionality to quality and visual value.

The result is a high level of energy efficiency, matched by aesthetic enhancements that accomplish the multiple goals of saving on heating and cooling, extending the life of the structure and appreciating the value of the building.

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