Questions to Ask Before Building Envelope Restoration

December 31st, 2021 | in Building Envelopes
Questions to Ask Before Building Envelope Restoration

Building envelopes are complex systems, and each project is unique. All buildings have an 'envelope' ‐ made up of the foundation, the outside walls, the windows, and the roof. Think of it as the building's very strong structural skin.

Occasionally, things go wrong with a building's envelope. Most often this is due to moisture or water seeping in and causing unseen, often undetected damage.

Building Envelope Restoration in Surrey ‐ Assessment and Repair

Any damage to a building's envelope can cause weakness. There is a process to follow for a building envelope restoration in Surrey. A quality restoration company will evaluate your building, looking for affected areas, rot, and any other damage that will need to be addressed.

They will do a thorough assessment, identifying not only current problems but showing you where future problem areas lie. They will let you know how all of this can be repaired with minimal inconvenience to staff, residents, or customers.

Questions to Ask

You will want to ask for a full report from the restoration company, as well as a full estimate and plan and timeline for repairs. Ask for details as to what is essential and needs to be taken care of immediately, what can be done in the short-term, and what will need to be done in the long-term.

These questions hold true not just for professional buildings, but also for leaky condos in Surrey.

Knowing you have a building envelope in Surrey that needs fixing now shouldn't stop you from getting the best estimate. Living in the Surrey area has its own set of challenges when it comes to the weather, and you want a reputable restoration company that has experience with these challenges and can make repairs at a competitive price.

Every building should have a solid structure and a moisture control system in place. If you are suffering from leaky conditions, or building envelopes that are no longer what they once were, you do need to call in the experts.

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