Rain Screen Application and Building Envelope Restoration in Vancouver, BC

May 29th, 2019 | in Building Envelopes

rain screen application

With the warm and dry summer approaching, you might not be thinking about rain, but before you know it the Vancouver, BC rain will return. To prepare for this, now is the perfect time for a building envelope restoration, and rain screen application.

A building envelope is the system made up of the exterior siding, roof, flashing and other components separating the exterior from the interior. There are many options and designs for effective and properly functioning envelops, and a good choice for the rainy west coast is investing in a rain screen.

A rain screen is a gap that rain water and moisture that has managed to make it past the exterior siding is able to escape from. This gives the rain an option other then sitting trapped, rotting the framing, growing mold, and soaking the interior drywall. This gap provides access for airflow as well, which further helps to dry out any water that may be sitting or trapped.

A Rainscreen is widely regarded as one of the best construction methods for rainy climates. If a building already has a damaged and leaking building envelope, repairs are the perfect time to take the extra step and add in the Rainscreen to future proof the building. Rain screens are also part of new building code in B.C., and should be considered when undergoing renovations.

If your building envelope is in need of repair, make sure you add in a Rainscreen during restoration. It will help to ensure that your fix remains functioning for years to come.

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