Signs that Your Deck Needs Repairing

January 27th, 2022 | in Deck Repair
Signs that Your Deck Needs Repairing

Outdoor decks are constantly exposed to the elements making them susceptible to wear and tear. If your commercial or residential deck in Surrey needs repairing, Westerly Restoration of BC has the expertise and product to make your deck look brand new again.

Here are some of the signs that your deck needs repairing:

The breakdown of building materials. Materials such as untreated cedar or other woods will rot over time when exposed to the elements. In BC, the harsh weather changes during the 4 seasons are hard on any materials, and most will inevitably need repair over time. While repairing your deck may not seem imperative, it is important to respond to maintenance needs by repairing it in a timely manner. All decks being used in home and commercial applications need to be safe for the users, and therefore repairing the breakdown of deck materials is crucial.

Improper drainage. Water run-off onto your deck causing damage may be a reason that your deck needs repairs. Improper slopes created by the original deck design may also be causing certain areas to be vulnerable to water pooling or other drainage problems. If you notice water pooling causing rot of softness in your deck, you may need to consult a professional about deck repair.

Age of construction. Depending on the age of your deck, it may just be time for regular maintenance due to the age of construction. The harsh winters, and other weather patterns such as hail and rain, and freezing and thawing will have an impact on any deck construction over time. If your deck was built by a non-professional builder or a few years back, it may be time to look at deck restoration.

If you are a home owner or commercial property owner in BC needing deck repairs, Westerly Restoration can help you with building restoration or deck restoration to make your deck safe and sound.

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