The Health Risks of Leaky Condos in Vancouver

October 30th, 2015 | in Leaky Condos

There is a huge problem of leaky condos in Vancouver, buildings with improperly designed and/or constructed building envelopes that allow water to enter into the structure. Not only is this terrible for the quality and value of the home, it poses huge health risks to homeowners, their families, and guests who enter into their buildings.

One of the most common health risks of leaky condos in Vancouver is that of problems from toxic mould. Mildew and mould grow where there is excess moisture, something leaky condos have a lot of. In leaky condos mould grows on structures and finishes, and enters the air residents and guests breathe. This leads to respiratory problems, infections, and even death in extreme cases. The only way to deal with mould is to get rid of it, and in a leaky condo in Vancouver, that can pose a challenge.

There are not just physical problems associated with leaky condos - homeowners and residents may also experience emotional problems. Knowing that one's home has such huge issues can cause depression and anxiety, and having to deal with these problems and find a way to make the home healthy again can cause great amounts of stress.

The best thing a leaky condo owner can do to protect their health, both physical and emotional, is to connect with a company that handles building restoration. The building envelope itself can be fixed to no longer allow water into the building, and the building can be inspected, remediated, and restored, taking care of any issues caused by mould or other toxins.

Dealing with all of the problems associated with leaky condos in Vancouver, from health concerns to the financial implications, can be challenging. Partner with experienced professionals to help you eliminate the stress and put into place long-term leak-stopping solutions.

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