The Importance of Deck Repair and Maintenance in Vancouver

June 30th, 2013 | in Deck Repair

Deck Repair and Maintenance in VancouverNo matter where you live, a deck that is starting to fall apart is a hazard. But here in Vancouver, we have very wet weather which compounds the problem and only increases the speed at which decks age and deteriorate. It's very important that your deck is maintained properly, and if repair is required, it's best to have it completed as soon as possible.

Signs of Wear

Keep an eye out for common signs of wear on your deck so that you know when to call a deck repair specialist. Depending on the material your deck is made of, the signs that you may need repair will be different.

Wooden decks are the most likely type of deck to decompose and become hazardous. If you haven't been out on your deck in a while, tread carefully. Visually inspect the deck for any holes or boards that seem to be splintering towards the ends. When you walk across the deck, pay close attention to see if you feel soft spots. Also listen for squeaky or creaking boards.

Decks made of other materials, such as those with vinyl membranes, will show damage with discoloration or peeling spots. This is unsightly and usually a sign of poor drainage and further damage that cannot be seen.

Deck Repair Refreshes a Vancouver Home or Business

The good news is that deck repair and maintenance is really worth every penny you pay. The look of your home can be improved significantly with a newly surfaced deck. You can have it re-sloped so that water drainage works as intended. And you can repair any damage that may be structural and pose the risk of injury.

If you're concerned that your Vancouver business or home has a deck that is a hazard, call a deck repair and maintenance company. Have an assessment and learn just what needs to be completed to return your deck to being safe and attractive.

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