The Importance of High-Quality Materials to Repair a Building Envelope

September 25th, 2023 | in Building Envelopes
The Importance of High-Quality Materials to Repair a Building Envelope

In today’s blog article, we would like to talk about the importance of using very high-quality materials when repairing a building and why that is. Before we get to that, we think it is useful to review exactly what a building envelope is and what role it performs for a building.

The Building Envelope

Building envelopes are more important for the function of a building than most people realize. The envelope performs several functions. It keeps rain, snow, and wind out of the building, and helps to insulate the building. So, in the summer it keeps the heat out and the cool in, and in the winter, it is just the opposite. In this role, the envelope can affect both heating and cooling bills.

The envelope also regulates in building’s interior air quality by allowing fresh air in and stale air out and also plays a role in the moisture level of interior air. If there is anything not quite right with the building envelope—such as too much moisture or the existence of mold—then this will adversely affect the interior air quality.

Building Envelope Materials

Mainly because of a building’s age, a building envelope often needs repair. And over the years, building codes change. What may have been good materials 50 years ago, may not be acceptable today.

So, it is absolutely critical that the best building materials be used when repairing or rebuilding an envelope. Using inferior materials defeats the purpose of having a building envelope which needs to play so many important roles. We need the envelope to insulate, protect the building from outside weather, and regulate air flow and interior air quality. 

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