The Importance of Promptly Dealing with Water Ingress and Rot

January 25th, 2015 | in Building Envelopes, General Info

Dealing with Water Ingress and RotWater ingress is a huge problem for homeowners, both immediately and in the aftermath of a water breach. It is surprisingly easy to have unwanted water enter your home. Whether it is through a leak, improperly sealed surfaces, or a catastrophic event like a flood, moisture finds its way into houses and wreaks havoc.

The first thing to check is whether or not a condo restoration company will be covered by your insurance. Not all restoration services will be familiar with the specific rules of insurance claims and budgetary limits. Your restoration company should be comfortable working with the insurance company or with your requirements based on an insurance assessment.

When water comes into a home its effects are immediate. Moisture seeps into walls, floors, surfaces, and textiles without delay. If it sits without mitigation, this moisture leads to rot, odours, and the development of dangerous microbes and bacteria that can pose serious health problems for residents of homes, children, and pets.

Even if there is just a small leak or minimal amount of water pooling in your home, you should deal with it as promptly as possible. The sooner water damage can be stopped and repaired, the less costly and complicated it is to deal with. What may appear to be a small amount of damage can actually be a big mess to clean up.

Hidden Damage

Another reason you should investigate and deal with water ingress and rot as soon as possible is the possibility of hidden damage. Water finds its way into cracks, spaces, and other small areas that you may not be able to see without looking behind walls or otherwise investigating carefully. Professional inspection typically reveals water damage that homeowners did not know existed, and if this type of damage is left unchecked, it often spreads into a massive problem.

It is far easier, and cheaper, to deal with water ingress and rot right away before it balloons into an unmanageable problem. If you have a water ingress or rot problem in your home, get help from a professional right away - you'll be glad you did!

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