The Special Case of Strata Council Building Envelope Restoration Projects

June 9th, 2022 | in General Info
The Special Case of Strata Council Building Envelope Restoration Projects

One of the requirements for a properly functioning and well run strata council is to ensure that the building envelope of all involved structures is properly maintained, and undergoes building envelope restorations when when required.

What is a building Envelope?

A building envelope is the assemblies, components and materials of a building that separate and protect the interior space of a home from outside factors such as weather. This system is one entity, meaning all components work together around the entire structure, and are not individual for each unit. This means that often the building envelope maintenance and restoration for townhomes, condos and apartment buildings falls within the mandate of the strata council.

What role does the Strata Council play?

A strata council should ensure proper maintenance is done. Many companies such as Westerly Restoration provide building envelope restoration services. These projects include making sure that the buildings foundation remains solid, and that the outside walls, siding, and windows are closed off and free from leaks, rot and other detrimental factors.

Building envelopes also play a role in keeping a building energy efficient by insulating it. When one area is damaged or not functioning properly, it can affect multiple units, again making the need for the strata council to act and have a restoration done even more vital.

The investment in building envelope restorations by a strata council is a benefit for all residents. Keeping a building damage free and energy efficient not only makes it a more suitable living space, but also retain its value. If your strata building requires a building envelope restoration, talk to the experts at Westerly Restoration.

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