Tools and Equipment Required for Restoring a Building Envelope

November 24th, 2023 | in Building Envelopes
Tools and Equipment Required for Restoring a Building Envelope

Building envelopes play an important role. They keep rain, snow, and wind outside. They regulate both air flow inside and out, and also air quality, and the envelope also acts as insulation for a building.

When building envelopes need repair or restoration, a big variety of tools and equipment and expertise are required because each building is different. The exterior layer can be anything from metal to stucco, and the insulation on the inside can also vary considerably depending on when the building was constructed.

It would be impossible to list all the tools needed for a building envelope restoration, but in today’s blog article, we will give you an idea what is involved.


Insulation on the inside of the building may need to be added to or replaced altogether. If the insulation needs to be removed—perhaps because of water damage—then that is a big job all by itself. Then new insulation would need to be added to meet the current building codes.

Air Flow

To restore or repair air flow in and out of a building, new vents may be needed on the roof or sides of the building. Perhaps new heating vents need to be added or fresh air vents. Sometimes sheet metal work may be required.


A roof may need repair or replacement. The roof is an important part of keep the weather elements out of the building.


Siding or stucco may need repair, replacement, or restoration. Underneath the siding there may be damage to the building’s framing that also needs restoration.


Both the building’s exterior and interior may need some repainting after restoration. Paint is also a type of seal, and experienced hands will be needed to do a professional job.

All of these different parts require expertise from a several different tradepersons and specialized tools for each part, and this list, above, is far from comprehensive. This is why the restoration of a building envelope should be performed by companies with long experience and expertise in what is required.


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