Upgrading Building Envelopes in Surrey Commercial Properties

June 9th, 2022 | in Building Envelopes
Upgrading Building Envelopes in Surrey Commercial Properties

To improve your buildings energy efficiency and protection, there are a number of building envelope upgrades that you can consider. Building envelopes in Surrey need to be designed and maintained to make sure that building performance is never compromised, so consider these upgrades for your commercial property.


A building envelope has a number of areas that must be sealed correctly to keep out moisture. When upgrading your building envelope, you should ensure that you have these areas properly sealed. This includes sealing around lighting fixtures, doors and surrounding trim, vents, interior framing framing connections, and around any windows and exposed areas of the building.

Upgrading Siding

The building envelope for your commercial property may also need a new siding upgrade. This could be because the old siding is worn out and inefficient, or maybe it is just faded and dated. Whatever the reason, new siding for your building can not only increase its appeal, but also save on energy costs by being a better insulator, and working better to keep moisture out from your studs and walls.

New Windows

Another common building envelope upgrade for commercial properties are new windows. Older windows tend to be inefficient, being the main place that heat is lost. Old windows may also allow moisture and water to pass through cracks and inefficiencies around it, leading to all sorts of problems. Window upgrades can make a huge difference in a commercial building.

There are a number of other building envelope upgrades that may benefit your commercial property in Surrey. Every building is different, and the needs differ. To start your building envelope upgrade, talk to Westerly Restoration.

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