What is Aqua-Bloc Waterproofing?

June 4th, 2022 |
What is Aqua-Bloc Waterproofing?

Water is an essential component to life. We need it to survive and it is our most valuable resource. However, there are times when water can be a nuisance, especially if it goes where it should not be. If you want to ensure full building enevelope protection and proper waterproofing, one thing you may consider is Aqua Bloc waterproofing. 

Aqua Bloc waterproofing is used to protect poured and block foundations, footings, concrete slabs and retaining walls from the hazards of water exposure. Aqua bloc works by giving the concrete structure a coating of a elastomeric membrane that is hydrophobic, completely waterproofing the structure. 

Aqua bloc also can be applied to wood, stone and metal below-grade structures, making it an excellent option for any construction project. 
Aqua bloc products are extremely durable, retaining its flexibility over long periods of time and a wide temperature range. In addition, it contains no solvents, making it an environmentally friendly option. 

Aqua bloc is also a great product to work with. It can bridge cracks, and can be installed in one coat, or as several coats using a reinforcing fabric material. 

With your next building project, consider using Aqua Bloc waterproofing compound on your foundation, or other below-grade components. This will help to ensure that water that makes it through, does not damage your essential building envelope, keeping your project dry and strong for years to come. 

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