What Is the Job of a Building Envelope Contractor?

October 25th, 2020 | in Building Envelopes
Building envelopes

Building envelope contractors are experts on the envelope or shell or barrier between the inside and outside of a building. They understand how air is supposed to come in and go out of a building and at what rate. They understand how to keep water out and how to diagnose problems if it’s getting in.

Here are some reasons to call a Building Envelope Contractor

Tip # 1: You have a leak

This is something that your building envelope contractor can figure out quickly. He or she will know exactly where to look, and what the most likely sources are for a leak. Perhaps it’s some old windows, the roof, or the flashing around the chimney.

Tip # 2: Your heating or cooling is very inefficient

If your heating (or cooling) is inefficient and costing you a fortune, you should talk to a building envelope contractor, who can help you improve your situation. Building envelope professionals understand different types of heating, how they work, and how to make them more efficient. Heat loss, after all, is a building envelope problem.

Tip # 3: Renovating a building of historical significance

If you own or manage a heritage building which needs work, a building envelope contractor can help. These professionals deal with heritage building renovations on a regular basis, to make them more energy-efficient yet preserve their historical integrity.

Building envelopes are our business. We can help if you have a problem with your building envelope.

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