What to Do About Leaky Condo Repairs

November 30th, 2021 | in Leaky Condos
What to Do About Leaky Condo Repairs

You know what the weather is like in Surrey. In fact, meteorologists didn’t name fast moving storms after this area for no reason. There’s a lot of rain, snow and wind that passes by every day; it can take its toll on people and on your condo, too.

Unfortunately, there are still leftover leaky condos around from those that were built way back in the 1990s, with incorrect stucco and waterproofing. Often a small ceiling leak turns into a major renovation; one you didn’t see coming and cannot fix yourself.

Some of the problems you may encounter are because of exterior and interior substandard construction. Plumbing that wasn’t installed right, sloping issues on the exterior of your home, water that seems to leak everywhere inside when it rains, and more.

None of these should be taken lightly. Over time, wood rot and mold problems will only increase. This is why you need a company that is qualified in building restoration, rot repair, water damage, and any other issue you may be experiencing in your condo.

When you have leaky condo repairs, make sure that the experts you call have the following qualifications and experience:

  • Have experience in structural wall repairs
  • All aspects of rain screening
  • Rebuilding and restoring your condo to its original conditions
  • Caulking and flashing applications
  • General contracting knowledge and beyond
    Building envelope restoration
  • Inspections

No one likes water in their home and if you have this problem, you need a team of experts to come out and assess the situation. Water getting into your home not only causes surface problems, but can structurally weaken your condo, too.

Once you have a plan mapped out for you, the solution will be permanent. No more leaks, no more water coming in when it rains; just a dry and stable environment for you and your family.

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