Why Restoring a Deck is a Worthy Investment in Surrey, BC

February 23rd, 2022 | in Deck Repair

The life of a deck in a BC house changes with the season of the year- but it is never easy. In summer it is a place chastised by heavy traffic, intense activity and full sun exposure.

In winter it is an area abandoned to the utmost rigors of the cruel winters, suffering without any shelter the onslaught of the extreme cold, with rain, snow, hail, and the stress of everything the wind might blown on it.

Our decks pay a hefty price for these extremes, but although they are a very prominent part of the visual appeal of your house, and therefore of its market value, they often seem the last item in the list of maintenance and repairs around the house.

For one thing there is the perception that the only solution for a battered deck is a full rebuild, or at best a big overhaul. And for another, the idea that such a big job is bound to be very expensive.

That is not necessarily true, and you’ll be well served to find out that in most cases you do not need to go to such extremes.

Check with Westerly Restoration.

They work throughout Surrey, Langley, Abbotsford, Burnaby, Vancouver and their surrounding areas. They can restore or repair your weather damaged and much "experienced" deck, and they’ll do it for a very reasonable price.

Because of their experience, Westerly Restoration excels at diagnosing the proper rebuilding and⁄or restoring procedures the job requires, and pinpointing the trouble spots.

The process begins with a full assessment and a comprehensive explanation of the plan. Then, if the need arises, structural repairs to the framework and re-sloping (to ensure optimum drainage and prolonged life) are performed.

Next the surfaces are restored or replaced, flashings are embedded where needed, and the surfaces are finished with the application of a high quality vinyl coating, returning your deck to its best condition and protecting from the ravages of time and use.

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