Westerly Restoration specializes in small to medium sized building envelope projects. As licensed and experienced contractors, we are your building envelope restoration and repair experts in the lower mainland, and across BC.

IMG6746.JPGA “head-to-toe” building envelope consists of the roof, exterior walls, windows, doors, the foundation and everything in-between. This “skin” provides thermal and moisture protection creating a buffer between the building and outside elements. This barrier is crucial to the longevity of any building. While moisture control is critical in all climates, the wet environment found in Vancouver is especially taxing on a building's envelope.

Failure to maintain or upgrade your building envelope could result in heat loss, air leakage and/ or penetration of rain ‐ which in turn causes poor indoor air quality, early deterioration of the structure and high energy costs due to energy inefficiency.

The effectiveness of a building's envelope is measured by several factors, all of which contribute to the comfort, health, and energy efficiency of a building. These factors include:

  • The protection it provides from exterior weather
  • The quality of indoor air that it creates
  • Durability and longevity of the materials used
  • Energy efficiency and potential cost savings provided

To ensure your building envelope system effectively meets these goals, your building envelope system must have:

  • Solid, properly framed structure
  • Effective water shedding and drainage
  • Continuous moisture and air barriers
  • Continuous thermal barriers
  • Proper ventilation
  • Well thought out and installed detailing


As technology advances new systems and materials are designed to increase building envelope performance. If your building pre-dates the 1990s, chances are rainscreen systems were not implemented. These new systems allow your exterior walls to continuously ventilate behind the exterior cladding; enabling walls to dry out faster, increasing air quality, reducing energy loss, and putting an end to rain penetration. Think of rainscreen as an extra line of defense, prepared to shed any water ingress before it sees internal framing.

Some of the New Systems Include:

  • Vertical / horizontal strapping (creates the air gap for ventilating walls)
  • Through wall flashings (breaks up wall and allows for ventilation every 10ft)
  • New and improved air, vapour, or moisture barrier membranes (allow air out, no water in)
  • Upgraded vinyl double pane windows


Westerly can evaluate and report our findings regarding the condition of the exterior of your building and provide scope of work recommendations. A quotation will then be drafted to outline any costs associated with the necessary work. We provide warranty and maintenance packages with any building envelope upgrading.

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